22 February 2008

Our Rum Shop Is Now Open

Well no rum for sale here but a lot of stuff you can drink rum in and keep it cold! Our Message In A Bottle Boutique" is an island lovers dream. Where else can you buy Tiki Huts, Glassware, sunglasses and other island fun stuff along with BBQ supplies and hot sauce?
NOWHERE THAT'S WHERE! We are working on becoming the webs best site for integrated BBQ and Island fun.

Tropic-Al's Almost Surfside Dining

17 February 2008

We Even Impressed the Judges!

Tropic-Al had a full house at Saturdays' rubs and sauces class held at Adams Fairacre Farms in Poughkeepsie, NY! For nearly two hours the crowd was held spellbound as Tropic-Al some how managed to make a huge mess on two eight foot long tables mixng up ingredients in what turned out to be delicious examples of what anyone can do with a spoon a spatula and fire.

After the smoke cleared and the room aired out a few brave soles found their way to the front of the room and actually sampled some of the fare. They informed Tropic-Al that their life insurance was paid up and not to worry.

Along with the venturous taste testers was a husband and wife KCBS judging team. After giving the table the once over and trying to repair the incredible amount of damage done to the BBQ community in one afternoon they immediately sentenced Tropic-Al to life..............as is.

Even though the team found the damage caused to the BBQ community irreparable they thought it best to leave Tropic-Al as they found him: strange, wierd and as he seems to never be able to let go of the urge to play with fire and food the team thought it best that he stay on his island and continue playing with fire and food.

Very wise decision of the judges it turns out. You see since they sentenced Tropic-Al "to life as is" at least he stays on his island and will always be near water when playing with fire and food!

We could use some KCBS logic like that in Washington DC!

13 February 2008

What to Do After a Hard Day of Grillin'

What goes better with an evening of BBQ ing than to settle back and light up a stogey, watch the sun go down and sip a rum. Here at Tropic-Al's that's what we do when the fire dies down and waist line fills up.*

It's even better when the stogey comes from a shop down a side steet. This place is hard to find even in daylight with a neon sign. Kind of reminds me of a speak easy.........................

(*that is when it's not 23degrees F and yet another ice storm hits the island)

10 February 2008

Time for School Sat Feb 16th

Next Saturday at 1PM Tropic-Al will be hosting a class on the subject of rubs and sauces. Usually Tropic-Al is getting sauced but this time he will teach you how to make memorable BBQ sauces and rubs.

If you have ever seen the stuff Tropic-Al grills the only think making his stuff edible is the sauce. The rubs hide the spoilage marks on most other fare.

So if like Tropic-Al you like to cook but can't, save your guests the trip to the pharmacy for milk of magnesia. Learn how to make your mistakes passable as food....if even just dog food.

Saturday Feb 16th 1 PM Adams Fairacre Farms....Poughkeepie, NY

03 February 2008

An Amazing Surprising Rum

One would not assume Bermuda a real Caribbean island being just offshore from the Caroilinas. Adding to the evidence is Bermuda does get cold and the men dress like Snow Birds from New York in Florida.

However enter Goslings Black Label rum. Only 80 proof yes but drinkable chilled or even in Welch's Grape Juice.

Today for our church Super Bowl Party I spiked the BBQ sauce with some Goslings'.

May I remind you the rum is very drinkable which brings about the fact that if it is this drinkable imagine how it would taste on slow BBQ'd scallops?

Please do not tell the pastor!

He would be most offeded to find out we did not use rum from the real Caribbean!