27 January 2008

Weber Goes Too Small on Work Table

I was excited when Weber introduced a thermoplastic side table accessory for their 18 1/2 and 22 inch kettles. However upon opening the box I was hugely disappointed. The work table at a cost of $45 is only 12 inches wide. Photographed from the ground it appears to be huge. I was expecting a table surface the size of the work surface on the Performer. At 27 plus inches wide it would provide a real work area.

To get the ultimate work area for the Weber kettles one would need to buy two tables one for either side. I would have done that but not at $45 a piece for such a small surface.

Bad choice guys. All you had to do was make available the table surface of the Performer with a couple of legs. Now you have gone through all the trouble to produce a new piece of plastic when you could have used one already in inventory.


20 January 2008

Relief From Bad Economic News In The Corral Reef Journal!

The Corral Reef Journal is our Island Newspaper and is located on the left side of this page just below "The Captains Log and Diary".

With the whole economy seeming to being down the tubes we thought it prudent to update our Newspaper "The Corral Reef Journal"you can now check currency exchange rates vs. the dollar at all major island destinations.

Is hedging your Wall Street investments against further downfall in your port of call? Now access sugar cane and coffee bean commodities from the Corral Reef Journal as well!

If your personal economy is ship shape and you need a lift from bad winter weather try out some fine island cuisine and recipes from our food pages.

Tropic-Al's BBQ Review: "Your source for ship shape food and fun Co-Co Nut Colony Style"!

18 January 2008

Terrible Sauce from Smith Wollensky

My bro in law gave me a bottle of Smith and Wollensky pepper sauce for the holidays. He knows how much I love 'cue and the accompaniments that go with it. But this sauce sucks! It has a faint taste of A1 steak sauce...............but this is like A1 watered down to consistency of sea water.

I love A1 but to make a sauce that tastes like a watered down classic is too much. It has a faint taste of raisins like A1 but there ain't no raisins here.

I mean these guys are chain steak house. At least make a redundant but reliable sauce. If I put this crap on a $35 steak I would send both the sauce and the steak back.


16 January 2008

Time for School

There is one cool thing my company does in the winter. We have cooking and gardening seminars at all three stores right through the beginning of March. So if you are anywhere in the Hudson Valley of New York area or even passing through please stop on in and see us for a spell.

To find out what's cookin' log onto www.adamsfarms.com and look for our seminars. Hey even if you are not in the area just drop me an email and I will be glad to pass along any information from the seminars.

The folks in marketing were getting a little funny when they gave this description for my class on rubs and BBQ sauces. They said "This man knows a thing or two on how to create a masterpiece on the grill". I was wondering if they really think I only know a thing or two or really do know a thing or two.

The things to consider on a deserted tropical island this time of year!

Until then I am staying inside. Snow and ice AGAIN and looks like we will owe a few degrees in the temperature dept this weekend. Plus I gotta watch the Giants and Packers in the ice bowl!


15 January 2008

What a Concept

American ingenuity dead? Hell no. BBQ/grilling goes to the ball game. Now at BBQ comps rigs come in all sizes. But at sporting events tailgating is limited to the size of your parking space.
Now if you can picture a U-haul/utility trailer tow behind.........you can picture this. A tow behind utility trailer tricked out to a tailgaters dream.

Gameday customs makes tailgate palaces out of these u-haul trailers complete with satellite, LCD TV and flowing beer.
Can't say enough....ya gotta see for yourself.


13 January 2008

More Friggin Snow Tonight

Once again we are getting hit with another storm. Now mind you here on the island we are used to wind and thunderstorms and high surf and such. But snow? every Sunday for 7 out of the last 9 weeks it has snowed. Enough to give this landlocked pirate A Tropical Depression.

Staying inside to watch the football games and jumping in the hot tub before the snow starts.


03 January 2008

Webers New Hot Zone

Whether or not searing is a good grilling practice is finally debatable. But Weber has introduced on their Summit line for 2008 a sear zone right in the middle set of burners.

To instantly sear your meat just turn on an additional burner that will run the thermometer up to 1,000 degrees for a great sear. Afterwards just turn off the sear burner and cook as normal.

Not into the gas scene?
Weber has taken it's famously successful "Q" and introduce a charcoal model. Same great cute little looks with the advantage of real smoke for real cue from the "Q"

01 January 2008

Happy New Year Land Lubbers!

I made it to midnight last night. I did have to scrape the barnacles from my eyes to get up by the usual 6AM this morning though. All is quiet on the grill deck and the cigar bar outside. The Jolly roger is blowing in the snowy winds of 2008.

Tropic-Al and the crew will be heading up to Wayneright Lodge this weekend for the annual Winter Cigars and Bars Tour. We will be drinking heavily, smoking Cubans and eating pub food at some of the best dives in the Adirondacks.

Unfortunately the only BBQ shack in the dacks in Saranac Lake is shut for the season. But we will get to play with fire. Hardwood fire too building the fire in the wood stove to keep warm. Quite often the inside temp only gets to the low 50's even after burning what feels like a whole cord of wood in one weekend!

Check this cool BBQ site www.bbqtv.com . This really cool site is complete with the best links this side of The Smoke Ring.