01 January 2008

Happy New Year Land Lubbers!

I made it to midnight last night. I did have to scrape the barnacles from my eyes to get up by the usual 6AM this morning though. All is quiet on the grill deck and the cigar bar outside. The Jolly roger is blowing in the snowy winds of 2008.

Tropic-Al and the crew will be heading up to Wayneright Lodge this weekend for the annual Winter Cigars and Bars Tour. We will be drinking heavily, smoking Cubans and eating pub food at some of the best dives in the Adirondacks.

Unfortunately the only BBQ shack in the dacks in Saranac Lake is shut for the season. But we will get to play with fire. Hardwood fire too building the fire in the wood stove to keep warm. Quite often the inside temp only gets to the low 50's even after burning what feels like a whole cord of wood in one weekend!

Check this cool BBQ site www.bbqtv.com . This really cool site is complete with the best links this side of The Smoke Ring.



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POTR said...

Nice Blog too. Thanks for the comments.
John Pitmaster of the Pigs On the Run Championship BBQ Team.

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