03 January 2008

Webers New Hot Zone

Whether or not searing is a good grilling practice is finally debatable. But Weber has introduced on their Summit line for 2008 a sear zone right in the middle set of burners.

To instantly sear your meat just turn on an additional burner that will run the thermometer up to 1,000 degrees for a great sear. Afterwards just turn off the sear burner and cook as normal.

Not into the gas scene?
Weber has taken it's famously successful "Q" and introduce a charcoal model. Same great cute little looks with the advantage of real smoke for real cue from the "Q"


Good Bro. #1 said...

Nice to see someone is as dedicated to good barbeque as we are at the Good Bros.

dothanevents said...

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There is over $10,000.00 in prize money, and it is both a qualifier for the Jack Daniel's Invitational and the Triple Crown cook-off, plus it's a lot of fun and raises money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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Thanks, and Happy Smokin'! (PS_ If you don't want to compete, we still have a few spaces for vendors left!)

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