16 January 2008

Time for School

There is one cool thing my company does in the winter. We have cooking and gardening seminars at all three stores right through the beginning of March. So if you are anywhere in the Hudson Valley of New York area or even passing through please stop on in and see us for a spell.

To find out what's cookin' log onto www.adamsfarms.com and look for our seminars. Hey even if you are not in the area just drop me an email and I will be glad to pass along any information from the seminars.

The folks in marketing were getting a little funny when they gave this description for my class on rubs and BBQ sauces. They said "This man knows a thing or two on how to create a masterpiece on the grill". I was wondering if they really think I only know a thing or two or really do know a thing or two.

The things to consider on a deserted tropical island this time of year!

Until then I am staying inside. Snow and ice AGAIN and looks like we will owe a few degrees in the temperature dept this weekend. Plus I gotta watch the Giants and Packers in the ice bowl!


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