29 June 2011

Revolutinary Picnic and Carnivale Menu for July 4, 2011

Grilled wings: still working on spices, heat etc
Assorted skewerd meats including: Chicken, beef, sausages, bacon all marinated in beer
Assorted marinated char grilled veggies: peppers, onion, tomato, squash,carrot, potatoes
Sliced orange glazed duck breast over spring greens in soft taco/fajitas
Mini baked potatoes
Following grilled pitas: Mediterranean chopped salad
                                      Shrimp, Bacon, Asiago
                                      Pepperoni Pizza
                                      Blue cheese pear and carmelized onion
Grilled mushrooms with bacon and parmesan

And the usual fare: RIBS, CORN ON THE COB, salads
For the lame: hot dogs hamburgers                                 

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