12 October 2008

A perfect Ssaturday BBQ

Tropic AL Hosted some landlubbers Saturday afternoon to a beautiful fall lunch. The feature was spaghetti squash grilled to perfection over a Weber Summit. After the outer shell was charred to perfection the stringy squash was removed and placed in a glass bowl to keep warm.
Meanwhile some sweet turkey sausage was being grilled in beer inside a ceramic dish.
Pineapple slices were alongside the beer soaked sausage getting their share of the heat.
After the pineapple was done sliced chicken breast was placed on the fire next to the sausage.
When everything was done grilling it was tossed along the stringy spaghetti squash and drizzled with a delicious sauce of maple syrup, soy sauce, lemon juice and garlic.
And they say pirates lead a tough life!

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