25 September 2011

Coconut Charcoal? OH YEAH

It takes some getting used to but this stuff is cleaner burns hotter and longer than hard wood charcoal. Flavor is good as well!

I have a gigantic Weber gas grill on my deck. But after purchasing a Weber charcoal grill I grill now on hardwood charcoal more than gas. Then I discovered charcoal made from coconut shells.
The concept of producing charcoal briquets from waste coconut shells began over five years ago when the two company founders,traveled to Thailand in search of investigating coconut products for the S. marketplace. After savoring delicious barbecued foods, the founding partners learned that the barbecue fuel of choice in Thailand was coconut shells. After experimenting with natural binding agents and coconut shells the founders came up with a method of producing charcoal briquets made from all natural ingredients. From a humble beginning of opening a small charcoal briquet factory in Kaiwai Thailand, the partners soon expanded to a larger facility in Thailand. Coshell Charcoal has been rigorously tested and formulated using only natural ingredients. Southeast Asia has an abundant supply of coconut shells,as well as, cornstarch and other natural ingredients which help in the manufacture of a "natural" charcoal briquet.

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