31 December 2007

This is Tropic-Al's Logo. You will see various forms of this logo around the site and other Tropic-Al web promotions. The type face is Bermuda solid which my Dell recognizes but not my new HP tower. Watch for Tropic-Al himself. An Amusing little pirate with a nagging parrot on his shoulder for sure.

Update on the Redneck Kitchen

I really love outdoor kitchens but here in the northeast we can only "cue" comfortably for about six months and the cost of an outdoor kitchen is not likely to be a good investment here. I did mention the camp kitchen from Cabella's which fits all the needs of a yuppy outdoor kitchen but in the form more common to us cuers, simple down home style.

I have a bbq deck set up just past the hot tub. Here I have my Weber Summit Gold D6 gas grill and my Weber 22 1/2 kettle. The kettle is where I am building the kitchen around. For 2008 Weber has introduced a work table that connects to their kettles. One of these on either side will make a nice strut for a work table. However further research on my part led me to order two work surfaces from the Performer. These surfaces are larger. One of these on either side of the kettle and you have a four foot wide work surface. The surfaces will double as the counter top of the work table as the holes come pre-drilled to fit the Performer frame. A little handy work on my end and the kettle will be raised higher than on its' three wheel "cart" , a few shelves under neath and above for storing my gear and the red neck kitchen Tropic-Al's style is ready to go.

Happy New Year

24 December 2007

Red Neck Outdoor Kitchen

I really love cooking outdoors and get jealous when I see fancy bbq rigs built out of oil trucks and even more so when I see outdoot kitchens being used by yuppies who only grill burgers or worse yet recipes with 234 ingredients.

But I have just found what I am going to place in my outdoor kitchen that fits Tropic-Al's tropical appeal. First off I prefer hanging out with rednecks and hicks more than yuppie scum.
Second Tropic-Al's is laid back I do not want to have to worry about expensive stuff getting broken. Now my grill is expensive..........but built so well it won't break unless another ocean liner comes crashing ashore.

Cabellas to the rescue. They have what they call a "camp kitchen". It is simply a fold em up contraption with the essentials all bbqers need...........counter space. Several levels of counter space to hold tools, plates, lights and spatulas, and of course sauce and rubs.

Now for the good part the price.................around $150.00 That's right not $15, three zeros before the decimal ($15,000.00) but $150. If I want a sink I will get a garden sink and hook up the hose. If I want a fridge I will get a cooler box and build it into the camp kitchen.

After all am I here to impress the crowd with what I cook or how what I am cooking on looks?
Right what I cook................

So all you yuppie scum can have your outdoor kitchens and impress the neighbors. Here we can only live outside 8 months year if we are lucky and only four with no clothes on. Besides I have a hot tub in my red neck outdoor kitchen and a lagoon.

Besides I got rack with 35 bbq and hot sauces to pay for a humidor with real Cuban cigars and a hunting camp that needs tending to.

21 December 2007

The Weather Won't Cooperate

Well Merry Christmas and Happy Grillin New Year to all our visitors. The podcast will return for Monday December 24th. I know I have been promising that but I took Christmas eve off to do just that...............get back on the air waves.

Anyway a warm Sunday is coming up but again RAIN. Every Sunday now for five straight weeks it's been rain/sleet/snow. Can't grill in the sleet but the snow poses no problems.

Chestnuts roasted on an open grill.....
Racks of ribs and burnt ends from pork butts....
Yuletide smoke coming from the bbq fire..
And stupid people in Grill mitts cookin in the snow...........

Although its' been smoked many times many ways...................
My ribs are better...................than yours!

16 December 2007

Could've Stir Fried Today But.............

It is now freezing rain and all hope of grilled stuffed chicken breast with mozzarella basil and sage is gone. Then a wonderful idea struck me. Why not stir fry in our electric wok? Could not do the cheese of course but everything else would have worked.

I mean part of the fun of BBQin/grilling is getting to play with heat and flipping stuff around right? Well in a stir fry you get to keep flipping stuff and adding stuff with no flare ups. I mean I add beer and wine when I stir fry, then a little mustard, soy sauce you know keep adding stuff til it tastes right.

Well so much for the stir fry idea......my wife threw out the electric wok.
So I threw her out in the snow and freezing rain to go to Wally's World for a new one.

Until next time keep an even keel and full sail ahead for the lagoon!


Snow and Ice on Game Day

Nothing more annoying than more snow on a Sunday. This makes going to church impossible again. Third Sunday in a row here in the northeast that is has iced, snowed and sleeted up everything.

Not that that's bad but I do get a little guilty BBQing away the afternoon when I missed church. You know how BBQing is akin to sin in the feel good department. Good cue is so good it's almost sinful.

My BBQ deck is under 12 inches of snow along with the hot tub and cigar bar deck!

For the holidays I was given a bottle of Budweiser Wing Sauce. To be perfectly honest the stuff is not bad considering it's from Bud. The sauce is tangy enough with just enough heat. I have used it on hot dogs, turkey sandwiches and more. Good ingredients, low on the preservatives and plenty of good flavor.

14 December 2007

Light Show on The Grill Deck

I got an early Christmas present this week! My wife bought me a palm tree with Christmas lights strung on it. I screwed the base of the tree to the Cyber Cigar Lounge located just above the hot tub deck.

Since I am a chile pepper fanatic I strung some chile pepper lights on the tree which makes it look like the peppers are growing on the tree. Except for the fact that is snowing all weekend long I would leave the tree out all lit. Stay tuned for some pix of the tree.

As soon as the snowy weekend is done I plan on grilling some stuffed chicken breasts. Hopefully on Monday.....................


10 December 2007

Welcome to Our New Look

It's been awhile indeed but we are back. The island had it's first ice storms this week forcing us to take everything down except our pirate flag!

Tropic-Al is pleased to announce our newly revised blog dedicated to all things Tropic-Al. Especially new is TIKI BAR TV (powered by the changing tides) from You Tube on cooking, grilling, and more.

The Coral Reef Journal (our island newspaper) is alive with articles on everything fun and sun!

Many people were worried about our college boy look on the old blog. But be advised the new look is just as outlandish as Tropic-Al's itself.

All that's left is the podcast. We just need to install the antennae washed out to sea during the July monsoons!

So welcome aboard scaly wags.....................