31 December 2007

Update on the Redneck Kitchen

I really love outdoor kitchens but here in the northeast we can only "cue" comfortably for about six months and the cost of an outdoor kitchen is not likely to be a good investment here. I did mention the camp kitchen from Cabella's which fits all the needs of a yuppy outdoor kitchen but in the form more common to us cuers, simple down home style.

I have a bbq deck set up just past the hot tub. Here I have my Weber Summit Gold D6 gas grill and my Weber 22 1/2 kettle. The kettle is where I am building the kitchen around. For 2008 Weber has introduced a work table that connects to their kettles. One of these on either side will make a nice strut for a work table. However further research on my part led me to order two work surfaces from the Performer. These surfaces are larger. One of these on either side of the kettle and you have a four foot wide work surface. The surfaces will double as the counter top of the work table as the holes come pre-drilled to fit the Performer frame. A little handy work on my end and the kettle will be raised higher than on its' three wheel "cart" , a few shelves under neath and above for storing my gear and the red neck kitchen Tropic-Al's style is ready to go.

Happy New Year

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