24 December 2007

Red Neck Outdoor Kitchen

I really love cooking outdoors and get jealous when I see fancy bbq rigs built out of oil trucks and even more so when I see outdoot kitchens being used by yuppies who only grill burgers or worse yet recipes with 234 ingredients.

But I have just found what I am going to place in my outdoor kitchen that fits Tropic-Al's tropical appeal. First off I prefer hanging out with rednecks and hicks more than yuppie scum.
Second Tropic-Al's is laid back I do not want to have to worry about expensive stuff getting broken. Now my grill is expensive..........but built so well it won't break unless another ocean liner comes crashing ashore.

Cabellas to the rescue. They have what they call a "camp kitchen". It is simply a fold em up contraption with the essentials all bbqers need...........counter space. Several levels of counter space to hold tools, plates, lights and spatulas, and of course sauce and rubs.

Now for the good part the price.................around $150.00 That's right not $15, three zeros before the decimal ($15,000.00) but $150. If I want a sink I will get a garden sink and hook up the hose. If I want a fridge I will get a cooler box and build it into the camp kitchen.

After all am I here to impress the crowd with what I cook or how what I am cooking on looks?
Right what I cook................

So all you yuppie scum can have your outdoor kitchens and impress the neighbors. Here we can only live outside 8 months year if we are lucky and only four with no clothes on. Besides I have a hot tub in my red neck outdoor kitchen and a lagoon.

Besides I got rack with 35 bbq and hot sauces to pay for a humidor with real Cuban cigars and a hunting camp that needs tending to.

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