16 December 2007

Snow and Ice on Game Day

Nothing more annoying than more snow on a Sunday. This makes going to church impossible again. Third Sunday in a row here in the northeast that is has iced, snowed and sleeted up everything.

Not that that's bad but I do get a little guilty BBQing away the afternoon when I missed church. You know how BBQing is akin to sin in the feel good department. Good cue is so good it's almost sinful.

My BBQ deck is under 12 inches of snow along with the hot tub and cigar bar deck!

For the holidays I was given a bottle of Budweiser Wing Sauce. To be perfectly honest the stuff is not bad considering it's from Bud. The sauce is tangy enough with just enough heat. I have used it on hot dogs, turkey sandwiches and more. Good ingredients, low on the preservatives and plenty of good flavor.

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