10 December 2007

Welcome to Our New Look

It's been awhile indeed but we are back. The island had it's first ice storms this week forcing us to take everything down except our pirate flag!

Tropic-Al is pleased to announce our newly revised blog dedicated to all things Tropic-Al. Especially new is TIKI BAR TV (powered by the changing tides) from You Tube on cooking, grilling, and more.

The Coral Reef Journal (our island newspaper) is alive with articles on everything fun and sun!

Many people were worried about our college boy look on the old blog. But be advised the new look is just as outlandish as Tropic-Al's itself.

All that's left is the podcast. We just need to install the antennae washed out to sea during the July monsoons!

So welcome aboard scaly wags.....................

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