29 December 2010

A Little Comedy For the New Year

Hard to grill with two feet of snow in the way. However this combination of two Hallmark Xmas ornaments and a menu from the Weber Grill Restaurant in Chicago light up my day

Tropic-Al's: Almost Surfside Dining 
Tropic-Al's: A Banana Republic in The Catskills

27 December 2010

New Year, New Attitude

 Tropic-Al's has not posted much this year. 2011 will be different. More on Q ad on Time

Tropic-Al's: Almost Surfside Dining Tropic-Al's: A Banana Republic in The Catskills

06 September 2010

Perfect Smoke Ring

Excellent pink smoke ring on this pork butt (look at lower part of photograph)  just before it got shredded and mixed  with a batch of homemade BBQ sauce.

This three pound butt was cued over hardwood charcoal for 3/12 hours. Alongside to keep company were fresh from the garden taters (potatoes to the liberal artsy crowd) and umyuns (onions to you elistist snobs)

The sauce in keeping with the Tropic-Al's theme was island inspired. Tomato base, crushed plums, allspice, nutmeg, clove and a good dose of RUM along with several other secret ingredients

26 July 2010

Tropic-Al's: Almost Surfside Dining 

Perfect BLT! A little extra from the garden. Roasted Marconi frying pepper, onion steak and red sail lettuce. All on the grill as the sun set with a little reggae flowing. Everything from the garden except the bread and bacon. So there is a challenge! What can you do to make an ordinary sandwich into something spectacular? My next project: grilled cheese (actually grilled on the grill)

Tropic-Al's: A Banana Republic in The Catskills

11 July 2010

Great fourth of July BBQ

Had a great fourth of July weekend. Parties Friday night Saturday and Sunday had everyone over for a BBQ. Only thing is some landlubbers ate all my ribs before I got some! Got rave reviews anyway from the crowd who ate all my food.

Today got some ribs marinating in Italian dressing and orange juice. This afternoon will put on my famous Rajan Cajun Rub. Just before sunset sparking up the Weber kettle to cook up them ribs!

Tropic-Al's: Almost Surfside Dining Tropic-Al's: A Banana Republic in The Catskills

19 April 2010

Open for The Season-ing

                Tropic-Al's: Almost Surfside Dining

Tropic-Al's is open for the season and BBQing has begun. Going to have a lot of Q's outside this season. The invitation is open! looking forward to the new garden as well. Turns out a spinning wheel I bought at an auction this weekend is way too big for our colonial re-do of the living room. So the 48" diameter wheel will be come my "BBQ Garden" and the main 4x4 from the 1800's that was the frame for the whole thing is a perfect fit for our fireplace mantel!

                               Tropic-Al's: A Banana Republic in The Catskills