16 July 2008

Lemon Verbena A Rough Cut Tongue Biter

Tropic-Al's: Almost Surfside Dining

With it's light green fine textured foliage and great citrus aroma lemon verbena is a winner. I just wish it were hardy in my back yard. Growing to six feet this verbena gives multiple chances at cuttings throughout the season. I have just taken my thirds cutting in ten days. The plant just response well to haircuts.
Very surprised by the rough service on the under side of the leaf. I thought it would be as soft as basil but not so. Rough on the tongue for sure.
I have my verbena growing in a 10 inch pot out by my tropical island just off the back porch.
I hope I have a sunny enough window to place it in for the winter. The cuttings I have taken are now hanging upside down drying out. Some will make it in my rubs for fish the rest maybe in your kitchen.

Tropic-Al's: A Banana Republic in The Catskills

03 July 2008

Set sail for the 4th With Us!

Tropic-Al's: Almost Surf Side Dining
Well here at the island we have been busy. We have sold the northern frontier Log Jam BBQ to a yuppy family from New Jersey. So for the 4th we are celebrating our freedom from the tax bill of owning two homes.
We are also setting sail on the Hudson in August. But for the fourth a basic BBQ with family and friends. Ribs, stuffed chicken breast, burgers, and dogs.
Gonna do the ribs on my Weber 22 1/2" kettle. Gives me a reason to start drinking around 10Am and get out of the house for a while. Almost committed a mutiny at the grocers when they did not have REAL charcoal. However I have some hardwood logs to cut up as well as some apple and cheery chips and chunks for smoking.

Tropic-Al's: A Banana Republic in The Catskills