16 July 2008

Lemon Verbena A Rough Cut Tongue Biter

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With it's light green fine textured foliage and great citrus aroma lemon verbena is a winner. I just wish it were hardy in my back yard. Growing to six feet this verbena gives multiple chances at cuttings throughout the season. I have just taken my thirds cutting in ten days. The plant just response well to haircuts.
Very surprised by the rough service on the under side of the leaf. I thought it would be as soft as basil but not so. Rough on the tongue for sure.
I have my verbena growing in a 10 inch pot out by my tropical island just off the back porch.
I hope I have a sunny enough window to place it in for the winter. The cuttings I have taken are now hanging upside down drying out. Some will make it in my rubs for fish the rest maybe in your kitchen.

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