22 December 2008

Snowed and Iced in for Xmas

Tropic-Al's: Almost Surfside Dining

It seems just as I get snowed n each winter I miss the grill most. Now mind you I grill/bbq year round. But when we receive threes storms in four days the grill gets a little more than covered by snow. It disappears.

The hot tub, my redneck kitchen and both of my grills are buried under four feet of white sugar like stuff called neige en francais and snow to the rest of us rednecks.

But anyway if you are lurking around BBQ land looking for something to do check out our publications on the left hand side bar. We have every topic for island living under the sun.


Tropic-Al's: A Banana Republic in The Catskills

12 October 2008

A perfect Ssaturday BBQ

Tropic AL Hosted some landlubbers Saturday afternoon to a beautiful fall lunch. The feature was spaghetti squash grilled to perfection over a Weber Summit. After the outer shell was charred to perfection the stringy squash was removed and placed in a glass bowl to keep warm.
Meanwhile some sweet turkey sausage was being grilled in beer inside a ceramic dish.
Pineapple slices were alongside the beer soaked sausage getting their share of the heat.
After the pineapple was done sliced chicken breast was placed on the fire next to the sausage.
When everything was done grilling it was tossed along the stringy spaghetti squash and drizzled with a delicious sauce of maple syrup, soy sauce, lemon juice and garlic.
And they say pirates lead a tough life!

Tropic-Al's: A Banana Republic in The Catskills

16 July 2008

Lemon Verbena A Rough Cut Tongue Biter

Tropic-Al's: Almost Surfside Dining

With it's light green fine textured foliage and great citrus aroma lemon verbena is a winner. I just wish it were hardy in my back yard. Growing to six feet this verbena gives multiple chances at cuttings throughout the season. I have just taken my thirds cutting in ten days. The plant just response well to haircuts.
Very surprised by the rough service on the under side of the leaf. I thought it would be as soft as basil but not so. Rough on the tongue for sure.
I have my verbena growing in a 10 inch pot out by my tropical island just off the back porch.
I hope I have a sunny enough window to place it in for the winter. The cuttings I have taken are now hanging upside down drying out. Some will make it in my rubs for fish the rest maybe in your kitchen.

Tropic-Al's: A Banana Republic in The Catskills

03 July 2008

Set sail for the 4th With Us!

Tropic-Al's: Almost Surf Side Dining
Well here at the island we have been busy. We have sold the northern frontier Log Jam BBQ to a yuppy family from New Jersey. So for the 4th we are celebrating our freedom from the tax bill of owning two homes.
We are also setting sail on the Hudson in August. But for the fourth a basic BBQ with family and friends. Ribs, stuffed chicken breast, burgers, and dogs.
Gonna do the ribs on my Weber 22 1/2" kettle. Gives me a reason to start drinking around 10Am and get out of the house for a while. Almost committed a mutiny at the grocers when they did not have REAL charcoal. However I have some hardwood logs to cut up as well as some apple and cheery chips and chunks for smoking.

Tropic-Al's: A Banana Republic in The Catskills

09 June 2008

Rub It In

Almost everyone is familiar with food pan blackened by Cajun spices. Just a few years back however pan blackened spices in the Cajun tradition was about as far as rubs went with American cooks let alone backyard grilling an barbecuing. However today with the explosion of cooking outdoors over an open flame it is as if we could not survive without first giving that piece of meat a good rub down before throwing it on the grill. Rubs are actually just another form of marinade but in a dry style. The difference however goes all the way through the cooking experience from rub to flame to table.

Rubs got the name from the fact that the mixture of spices, herbs, sugars and salts are actually rubbed into the food before cooking. Kind of like massaging a piece of Kobe beef.Rubs are defined as simply a mix of herbs, salt, sugars and spices used to season food before cooking. Rubs are used on all forms of meat, fish, poultry, vegetables and even tofu for the vegan crowd. The end product of a dish prepared with a good rub before grilling vs. a non rubbed dish is night and day. A good rub adds dimension to basic chicken breast imparting bursts of flavor along subtle changes in the texture of the dish that border on the sublime. Good rubs gives meat or fish a delicious crust exploding with flavor and a tongue tantalizing taste.

A good rub, though simple to make, needs to hit every taste bud sensor, sweet, sour, salt and bitter.It should remind one of a grand orchestra as opposed to a simple street musician playing for tips.Along with the taste buds a good rub will hit another important part of a good eating experience your nose. Put the right mix of ingredients together and your grilling experience will never be the same. The ingredients in rubs are highly regional and vary greatly depending on the part of the world you are in. There will be of course a big difference in ingredients and taste from a Tex-Mex rub and a New England seafood blend. That what makes rubs so intriguing. Give two grill jockeys from two different parts of the US the same cut of meat or fish and the end result will be two different tastes. All due to the rubs used by the cook.

Cajun rubs will concentrate their taste in cayenne, onion and thyme whereas a Mexican rub will be influenced by even more heat from dried chiles, cumin, and of curse cilantro. Across the pond Spanish rubs include paprika, corinader along with cumin and saffron. Middle Eastern barbecue experts use cinnamon, mint and freeze dried chives. And finally in the Caribbean throw in some nutmeg, cloves and allspice and you are on your way to a tropical paradise without leaving home.

There is a big debate on whether sugar should even be in a rub. Too much sugar can end up burning on the grill and ruining a good cut of meat. Use sparingly and sugar hits the all important sweet tooth while rounding out stronger sour and bitter ingredients. If you are going to go through the effort of making your own rub use good sugar. Basic white table sugar has no place in my backyard gastronomic creations. Brown sugar, adds so much more depth with its’ higher molasses content and deeper flavor tones. In the mood for a patriotic rub? Use maple sugar. Another good sugar is turbinado or “sugar in the raw” a much less processed sugar that leaves a lot of the good stuff in the final product.

Salt is the only “learned taste” on our sensitive tongues and boy have Americans learned to love it. Regular table salt has no place in my rub offerings. Basic table salt burns and is exceedingly bitter in my mind. I use sea salt exclusively. The salt I use comes from the Mediterranean and is full of minerals and wonderful tastes that do not exist in table salt. Another good salt candidate for homemade rubs is Kosher salt. Kosher salt has a unique texture that exudes little bursts of flavor that penetrate deeper into meat.

Herbs are a natural for a good rub. However only dried herbs make the grade here. Fresh herbs with their high moisture content simply steam when grilled and have no place in a rub. Fresh herbs from a home garden however when dried make a superb flavorful addition that no store bought rub can match. Dry herbs in a microwave if in hurry or hang bunches upside down in a hot dry dark attic.

The sour aspect of the flavor spectrum can easily be supplied by dried citrus zest, lemony flavored herbs like verbena, thyme, lemon balm and even lemon basil.

How long you leave a rub on food before cooking is very important. A good rub left too long on a delicate piece of fish will dry it out and make meat taste like a bicycle tire. Salt while good for bringing juices to the surface also can dry out food if left on too long. My guidelines for how long before cooking you should place the rub on are as follows:

Fish and shell fish: 10 minutes Vegetables: 15 minutesThin sliced chicken breast or sliced steak: 60 minutesLarger cuts of meat and poultry: 2 - 4 hoursTough cuts like brisket, ribs, and pork shoulder: 24 hours

Rubs placed on seafood should be washed off just before grilling. Use on average 3 teaspoons of rub mixture per pound of grilled fare. All the above times are approximate and represent the longest amount of time one should leave a rub on food. While the rub “sets” in food should be placed in the fridge for the entire duration.

Variations on rubs are endless. A mid point between a dry rub and the traditional wet marinade can be made by adding some liquid to a dry rub to make a thick paste also called a wet rub. Olive oil, yogurt, mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise are often used to make pastes or wet rubs. Often though these pastes are added near the middle or end of the grilling process. To make a wet rub from dried add just enough liquid so the mix is not runny but stays together when formed with your hands. In wet rubs fresh herbs take center stage over their more potent dried counterparts. Since their time on the grill is often shorter than dry rubs there is no need to worry about their not sticking to the food as well as dried herbs. Wet rubs do wonders for briskets, pork shoulders and ribs.

Rubs are not just for grilling. My secret recipe “Red State/Blue State Rub” is so loved by my family it is added to salsa recipes, tomato sauce and even tossed on salads and dips. Red State/Blue State was developed from a blend of ingredients from all regions of the United States while watching late night election returns on TV. When the states on the screen kept lighting up red or blue as the polls closed the name Red State/Blue State was a natural. Friends and family on both sides of the aisle love it.

Home made rubs should be stored in a cool dark location where they will keep for several months. I find using a grated cheese shaker jar a good way to store sufficient quantities as well as the shaker top makes for easy application. Experiment with all the different ingredients available to make rubs and your grilling experience rises to a new level.

Tropic-Al's: A Banana Republic in The Catskills

19 May 2008

Look What's Floating in The Lagoon

Tropic-Al's: Almost Surfside Dining

The Floating Restaurant Table
The bbq-donut is a motorized floating picnic table, complete with barbecue, sound system, coolers, and seating for 10
We're always up for writing about new ways for people to get together and have a good time and we've hence covered some great moveable entertaining concepts such as the Pedalpub, the Fuya-Jo party van, Red Bull's nightclub on wheels and the floating beach party. Now there's another ingenious conveyance to add to the category—part restaurant table, part BBQ, part lounge and part water activity platform, this electric-powered, water-going party platform for ten is primarily aimed at the rental market where its versatility makes it suitable for myriad applications. Indeed, it's an entrepreneurs' dream.

Firstly, it's a no brainer to make money in any water-side location as it offers seating for ten plus a central BBQ that turns into a picnic table, silent electric propulsion so it can gently cruise even the most delicate of marine environments without spoiling the ambience, a powerful sound system so you can party long and hard if you want, and it has enough on-board storage to support many other activities. Then, if you have a few of them, they all fit together to make an exclusive VIP lounge on the beach.

From the entrepreneurs viewpoint, it's a hirer's dream—ten people can cut a sizeable hire fee into manageable fiscal contributions, and there's enough external, slow-moving advertising space to make a promotional platform which is guaranteed to capture the attention of anyone within view.

The bbq-donut® is the brainchild of German inventor and entrepreneur Sebastian Schmitt, and we think it has applications globally for everything from singles get-togethers, company getting-to-know-you events, a customer magnet at carnivals and festivals, waterside and beachside promotions and as a floating catering service.

Motive power to the bbq-donut® is supplied via a Torqeedo Travel 400 Electro-outboard motor giving it a top speed of around 4km/h—more than enough for gentle noiseless, pollution-free cruising with ten souls aboard.

Take several bbq-donuts® and they can be assembled into an array of configurations of different sizes and shapes, making it suitable for use as a VIP lounge on the beach. Offering the right mix of private boothes and opennessl this additional aspect to the bbq-donut® is perfect for promotion purposes.

The main floating body of the 3.6 meter diameter donut is constructed of Polyethylene (PE) with a very strong UV protection as well as an antistatic additive, and all-up, ready to go, it weighs in at around 500 kg, and is capable of carrying a payload of around 1000 kg. There's an optional trailer for the rig, so it can be towed to different locations.

On the water in BBQ configuration, the bbq-donut® uses a low-smoke, charcoal-burning barbecue from Outdoorchef as its centrepiece and there are integrated cavities in the table for safely holding drinks, plates and cutlery.

Tropic-Al's: A Banana Republic in The Catskills

20 April 2008

Picked My First Chile Today

That's right! Here in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains I picked my first New Mexico chile right off the plant from the garden. Actally I started the plants indoors under compact flourescents in January! But I did put the plants out in the garden this week and I did pick a pepper off one. Nu-Mex a New Mexico variety known for it's smokey jalepeno style flavor.
I sliced up a red bell pepper stuffed it with garlic, onion and some rubs then tucked in some pepper jack cheese and roasted it for thirty minutes until well chared.

Smoothe and smokey was the result.

Tropic-Al's: A Banana Republic in The Catskills

04 April 2008

Weber hits a winner with the Sear Station. On the Summit Models S470 and S670 Weber has installed a sear station so you can get the heat up to over 1,000*F and sear your meat. Now the jury is still out on whether searing is good or bad. I happen to think it seals out flavor of the rubs and marinades one might place on a steak. Another thing is the juices flow back in to the meat after resting a few minutes after coming the grill.

However more people think searing is good than bad.so be it.

Another cool thing on the S470 and S670 is the knobs all have their own ignitor and they light up! As well there are two grill lights built into the handle that do a great job of lighting the place up.

Tropic-Al's: A Banana Republic in The Catskills

16 March 2008

Tropical Dessert for a Windy March

Tropic-Al's: Almost Surfside Dining
Tropic-Al's reopened for the 2008 season a week ago when the weather hit 60* for about three seconds. It snowed the same night. Any BBQ pirate worth his coarse sea salt would reopen in weather like this. To celebrate the drunks in the St. Patricks' Day celebrations everywhere (in the cold climate that is) we give you "Monkey Island Mash"
Grilled pineapple, bananas and plantains with coconut milk, honey and melted butter sauce

Simply gill sliced pineapple with the core and skin removed. It's done when it looks done to you. It is done to me when their are decent black grill marks on the flesh. Grill the plantains in their skin but slice the banana cousins to marshmallow size pieces. They are done when the skin is black and charred. Bananas are a little tricky so they can be "cheated" by grilling in aluminum foil. Other wise slice the bananas lengthwise almost all the way through. Leave the peel on. They are done when the skin is charred. No need for any olive oil here as the focus is Tropic-Al not Alberto.

Now for the sauce. Place 4 ounces of unsweetened coconut milk in a sauce pan. Slowly add the butter (approx 3 tbs) Simmer until butter is melted into the milk. Now add honey 2-3 tbs and stir to keep the honey off the bottom of the pot so it won't burn. For extra flavor try adding some cinnamon, nutmeg or vanilla extract. Make the sauce to taste so play around with the ingredients. A little brown sugar or turbinado sugar crystals works well also.
Simply drizzle the sauce over the fruits and serve with a monkey grunt.
Tropic-Al's: A Banana Republic in The Catskills

09 March 2008

Tropic-Al's: Almost Surf Side Dining
Spaghetti Squash is a wonderful thing. I made dinner for my parents a few weeks back. I saw a recipe for chile rellenos on TV and I was hooked on the idea. The recipe called for spaghetti squash and shrimp to mixed and stuffed into poblanos.
I took the recipe a step further as we always do here on the island. I added some corn and peas to the mix. Also to top the peppers when done a special version of Partial Eclipse BBQ sauce. I roasted the squash on the BBQ over direct heat for about twenty minutes. Having never used squash like this on the grill before I was pleased with the results.
Poblanos were not available at the Price Chopper supermegamagnum mart even though every where you turn in Catskill there are residents of south of the border descent. This supermarket says they have a wonderful selection of fresh stuff. Yeah right. Fresh money maybe because the squash was $1.29 a pound while at the farm market where I work 79 cents per pound.

As a little change to the recipe we used red peppers. To the squash we added some taco cheese blend an egg and some diced shrimp. Back on the grill, a little oilve oil and 25 minutes later the peppers were roasted to a smokey pepper aroma and lunch was a hit.
Tropic-Al's: A Banana Republic in The Catskills

03 March 2008

Eat More Fish They Say

I had envisioned a grilled swordfish steak today. I still envision the grill but ate the fish....broiled indoors.

You see we have weathermen around theses shores that received their degrees off a cereal box. Today was supposed to be 45* it was....it was supposed to be sunny as well....it was.
But what the moron with the weather map did not tell us was that gale force winds would blow.

But blow they did!

The day was saved though with a magical potion prepared as a finishing sauce for the fish. Olive oil (extra virgin island of course) crushed garlic, a touch of soy sauce, some fresh pepper, cilantro, sea salt and BAILEY'S IRISH CREAM. All these wonderful ingredients warmed on the stove and then gently poured over baked potatoes and the fish rubbed with Red State Blue State Rub (a Tropic-Al's recipe).

Was it good? (Of course, I am Tropic-Al ya know) but what was missing were the grill marks and the crisp crust that can only be achieved over real fire. Swordfish baked or broiled tends to develop a whitish coating instead of the grill marks and crust. It was good but not as good as grilled.

As for the weatherman I hope he gets grilled and skewered by a swordfish should he be lucky enough to hook one.

Full sail ahead.........................18 days 'til spring


02 March 2008

Outdoor Kitchen Installed Today March 2nd

It snowed yet again twice in the last nine days. I got a teaser a few Mondays back and was able to get outside and roast some spaghetti squash to a nice dark skin. After that I had to finish the dish indoors because it went from 60* to 35* in almost two hours. Now mind you I do BBQ in the 30's but not when the wind lifts the hair off your neck.

So indoors I went and roasted some red peppers stuffed with the squash, cheese, shrimp and egg, and mushrooms. Boy was it good. Only way it would have been better was if they were done on the grill.

Anyway back to the subject of today's' post. I am in awe of the flashy outdoor kitchens everyone seems to installing these days. I cannot figure out if I want want one of those or a big black torpedo smoker on the back of my Honda Element to tow around and show off.

Being the sensible one what with three kids and a wife to feed I went for a stripped down version of the outdoor kitchen. I am happy that the name "gourmet" appears in the name on the box that arrived from Cabella's Friday.

My gourmet outdoor kitchen has two sinks, dual cutting boards and drink ware holders just like a real bar does. The sinks operate with a foot pedal attached to a five gallon water cooler. The stem ware holders are "s" hooks hanging off a wrought iron rod right over the twin sinks.

And yes my outdoor gourmet kitchen is an island. I can configure the island in any of six different patterns. And the pretty thing about my island is when I am done for the night or want to show my neighbor I can fold it up and put it back in the box the UPS man delivered it in.

I guess you figured it by now with the name Cabella's huh? It is a gourmet kitchen........for a campground.

But it sure beats what most campers use and it sure was thousands (tens of) less than the indoor quality outdoor kitchens that grace the lake front homes of the owners who never visit them.

Here's to March............................................Cheers!

22 February 2008

Our Rum Shop Is Now Open

Well no rum for sale here but a lot of stuff you can drink rum in and keep it cold! Our Message In A Bottle Boutique" is an island lovers dream. Where else can you buy Tiki Huts, Glassware, sunglasses and other island fun stuff along with BBQ supplies and hot sauce?
NOWHERE THAT'S WHERE! We are working on becoming the webs best site for integrated BBQ and Island fun.

Tropic-Al's Almost Surfside Dining

17 February 2008

We Even Impressed the Judges!

Tropic-Al had a full house at Saturdays' rubs and sauces class held at Adams Fairacre Farms in Poughkeepsie, NY! For nearly two hours the crowd was held spellbound as Tropic-Al some how managed to make a huge mess on two eight foot long tables mixng up ingredients in what turned out to be delicious examples of what anyone can do with a spoon a spatula and fire.

After the smoke cleared and the room aired out a few brave soles found their way to the front of the room and actually sampled some of the fare. They informed Tropic-Al that their life insurance was paid up and not to worry.

Along with the venturous taste testers was a husband and wife KCBS judging team. After giving the table the once over and trying to repair the incredible amount of damage done to the BBQ community in one afternoon they immediately sentenced Tropic-Al to life..............as is.

Even though the team found the damage caused to the BBQ community irreparable they thought it best to leave Tropic-Al as they found him: strange, wierd and as he seems to never be able to let go of the urge to play with fire and food the team thought it best that he stay on his island and continue playing with fire and food.

Very wise decision of the judges it turns out. You see since they sentenced Tropic-Al "to life as is" at least he stays on his island and will always be near water when playing with fire and food!

We could use some KCBS logic like that in Washington DC!

13 February 2008

What to Do After a Hard Day of Grillin'

What goes better with an evening of BBQ ing than to settle back and light up a stogey, watch the sun go down and sip a rum. Here at Tropic-Al's that's what we do when the fire dies down and waist line fills up.*

It's even better when the stogey comes from a shop down a side steet. This place is hard to find even in daylight with a neon sign. Kind of reminds me of a speak easy.........................

(*that is when it's not 23degrees F and yet another ice storm hits the island)

10 February 2008

Time for School Sat Feb 16th

Next Saturday at 1PM Tropic-Al will be hosting a class on the subject of rubs and sauces. Usually Tropic-Al is getting sauced but this time he will teach you how to make memorable BBQ sauces and rubs.

If you have ever seen the stuff Tropic-Al grills the only think making his stuff edible is the sauce. The rubs hide the spoilage marks on most other fare.

So if like Tropic-Al you like to cook but can't, save your guests the trip to the pharmacy for milk of magnesia. Learn how to make your mistakes passable as food....if even just dog food.

Saturday Feb 16th 1 PM Adams Fairacre Farms....Poughkeepie, NY

03 February 2008

An Amazing Surprising Rum

One would not assume Bermuda a real Caribbean island being just offshore from the Caroilinas. Adding to the evidence is Bermuda does get cold and the men dress like Snow Birds from New York in Florida.

However enter Goslings Black Label rum. Only 80 proof yes but drinkable chilled or even in Welch's Grape Juice.

Today for our church Super Bowl Party I spiked the BBQ sauce with some Goslings'.

May I remind you the rum is very drinkable which brings about the fact that if it is this drinkable imagine how it would taste on slow BBQ'd scallops?

Please do not tell the pastor!

He would be most offeded to find out we did not use rum from the real Caribbean!


27 January 2008

Weber Goes Too Small on Work Table

I was excited when Weber introduced a thermoplastic side table accessory for their 18 1/2 and 22 inch kettles. However upon opening the box I was hugely disappointed. The work table at a cost of $45 is only 12 inches wide. Photographed from the ground it appears to be huge. I was expecting a table surface the size of the work surface on the Performer. At 27 plus inches wide it would provide a real work area.

To get the ultimate work area for the Weber kettles one would need to buy two tables one for either side. I would have done that but not at $45 a piece for such a small surface.

Bad choice guys. All you had to do was make available the table surface of the Performer with a couple of legs. Now you have gone through all the trouble to produce a new piece of plastic when you could have used one already in inventory.


20 January 2008

Relief From Bad Economic News In The Corral Reef Journal!

The Corral Reef Journal is our Island Newspaper and is located on the left side of this page just below "The Captains Log and Diary".

With the whole economy seeming to being down the tubes we thought it prudent to update our Newspaper "The Corral Reef Journal"you can now check currency exchange rates vs. the dollar at all major island destinations.

Is hedging your Wall Street investments against further downfall in your port of call? Now access sugar cane and coffee bean commodities from the Corral Reef Journal as well!

If your personal economy is ship shape and you need a lift from bad winter weather try out some fine island cuisine and recipes from our food pages.

Tropic-Al's BBQ Review: "Your source for ship shape food and fun Co-Co Nut Colony Style"!

18 January 2008

Terrible Sauce from Smith Wollensky

My bro in law gave me a bottle of Smith and Wollensky pepper sauce for the holidays. He knows how much I love 'cue and the accompaniments that go with it. But this sauce sucks! It has a faint taste of A1 steak sauce...............but this is like A1 watered down to consistency of sea water.

I love A1 but to make a sauce that tastes like a watered down classic is too much. It has a faint taste of raisins like A1 but there ain't no raisins here.

I mean these guys are chain steak house. At least make a redundant but reliable sauce. If I put this crap on a $35 steak I would send both the sauce and the steak back.


16 January 2008

Time for School

There is one cool thing my company does in the winter. We have cooking and gardening seminars at all three stores right through the beginning of March. So if you are anywhere in the Hudson Valley of New York area or even passing through please stop on in and see us for a spell.

To find out what's cookin' log onto www.adamsfarms.com and look for our seminars. Hey even if you are not in the area just drop me an email and I will be glad to pass along any information from the seminars.

The folks in marketing were getting a little funny when they gave this description for my class on rubs and BBQ sauces. They said "This man knows a thing or two on how to create a masterpiece on the grill". I was wondering if they really think I only know a thing or two or really do know a thing or two.

The things to consider on a deserted tropical island this time of year!

Until then I am staying inside. Snow and ice AGAIN and looks like we will owe a few degrees in the temperature dept this weekend. Plus I gotta watch the Giants and Packers in the ice bowl!


15 January 2008

What a Concept

American ingenuity dead? Hell no. BBQ/grilling goes to the ball game. Now at BBQ comps rigs come in all sizes. But at sporting events tailgating is limited to the size of your parking space.
Now if you can picture a U-haul/utility trailer tow behind.........you can picture this. A tow behind utility trailer tricked out to a tailgaters dream.

Gameday customs makes tailgate palaces out of these u-haul trailers complete with satellite, LCD TV and flowing beer.
Can't say enough....ya gotta see for yourself.


13 January 2008

More Friggin Snow Tonight

Once again we are getting hit with another storm. Now mind you here on the island we are used to wind and thunderstorms and high surf and such. But snow? every Sunday for 7 out of the last 9 weeks it has snowed. Enough to give this landlocked pirate A Tropical Depression.

Staying inside to watch the football games and jumping in the hot tub before the snow starts.


03 January 2008

Webers New Hot Zone

Whether or not searing is a good grilling practice is finally debatable. But Weber has introduced on their Summit line for 2008 a sear zone right in the middle set of burners.

To instantly sear your meat just turn on an additional burner that will run the thermometer up to 1,000 degrees for a great sear. Afterwards just turn off the sear burner and cook as normal.

Not into the gas scene?
Weber has taken it's famously successful "Q" and introduce a charcoal model. Same great cute little looks with the advantage of real smoke for real cue from the "Q"

01 January 2008

Happy New Year Land Lubbers!

I made it to midnight last night. I did have to scrape the barnacles from my eyes to get up by the usual 6AM this morning though. All is quiet on the grill deck and the cigar bar outside. The Jolly roger is blowing in the snowy winds of 2008.

Tropic-Al and the crew will be heading up to Wayneright Lodge this weekend for the annual Winter Cigars and Bars Tour. We will be drinking heavily, smoking Cubans and eating pub food at some of the best dives in the Adirondacks.

Unfortunately the only BBQ shack in the dacks in Saranac Lake is shut for the season. But we will get to play with fire. Hardwood fire too building the fire in the wood stove to keep warm. Quite often the inside temp only gets to the low 50's even after burning what feels like a whole cord of wood in one weekend!

Check this cool BBQ site www.bbqtv.com . This really cool site is complete with the best links this side of The Smoke Ring.