09 March 2008

Tropic-Al's: Almost Surf Side Dining
Spaghetti Squash is a wonderful thing. I made dinner for my parents a few weeks back. I saw a recipe for chile rellenos on TV and I was hooked on the idea. The recipe called for spaghetti squash and shrimp to mixed and stuffed into poblanos.
I took the recipe a step further as we always do here on the island. I added some corn and peas to the mix. Also to top the peppers when done a special version of Partial Eclipse BBQ sauce. I roasted the squash on the BBQ over direct heat for about twenty minutes. Having never used squash like this on the grill before I was pleased with the results.
Poblanos were not available at the Price Chopper supermegamagnum mart even though every where you turn in Catskill there are residents of south of the border descent. This supermarket says they have a wonderful selection of fresh stuff. Yeah right. Fresh money maybe because the squash was $1.29 a pound while at the farm market where I work 79 cents per pound.

As a little change to the recipe we used red peppers. To the squash we added some taco cheese blend an egg and some diced shrimp. Back on the grill, a little oilve oil and 25 minutes later the peppers were roasted to a smokey pepper aroma and lunch was a hit.
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