02 March 2008

Outdoor Kitchen Installed Today March 2nd

It snowed yet again twice in the last nine days. I got a teaser a few Mondays back and was able to get outside and roast some spaghetti squash to a nice dark skin. After that I had to finish the dish indoors because it went from 60* to 35* in almost two hours. Now mind you I do BBQ in the 30's but not when the wind lifts the hair off your neck.

So indoors I went and roasted some red peppers stuffed with the squash, cheese, shrimp and egg, and mushrooms. Boy was it good. Only way it would have been better was if they were done on the grill.

Anyway back to the subject of today's' post. I am in awe of the flashy outdoor kitchens everyone seems to installing these days. I cannot figure out if I want want one of those or a big black torpedo smoker on the back of my Honda Element to tow around and show off.

Being the sensible one what with three kids and a wife to feed I went for a stripped down version of the outdoor kitchen. I am happy that the name "gourmet" appears in the name on the box that arrived from Cabella's Friday.

My gourmet outdoor kitchen has two sinks, dual cutting boards and drink ware holders just like a real bar does. The sinks operate with a foot pedal attached to a five gallon water cooler. The stem ware holders are "s" hooks hanging off a wrought iron rod right over the twin sinks.

And yes my outdoor gourmet kitchen is an island. I can configure the island in any of six different patterns. And the pretty thing about my island is when I am done for the night or want to show my neighbor I can fold it up and put it back in the box the UPS man delivered it in.

I guess you figured it by now with the name Cabella's huh? It is a gourmet kitchen........for a campground.

But it sure beats what most campers use and it sure was thousands (tens of) less than the indoor quality outdoor kitchens that grace the lake front homes of the owners who never visit them.

Here's to March............................................Cheers!

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