03 March 2008

Eat More Fish They Say

I had envisioned a grilled swordfish steak today. I still envision the grill but ate the fish....broiled indoors.

You see we have weathermen around theses shores that received their degrees off a cereal box. Today was supposed to be 45* it was....it was supposed to be sunny as well....it was.
But what the moron with the weather map did not tell us was that gale force winds would blow.

But blow they did!

The day was saved though with a magical potion prepared as a finishing sauce for the fish. Olive oil (extra virgin island of course) crushed garlic, a touch of soy sauce, some fresh pepper, cilantro, sea salt and BAILEY'S IRISH CREAM. All these wonderful ingredients warmed on the stove and then gently poured over baked potatoes and the fish rubbed with Red State Blue State Rub (a Tropic-Al's recipe).

Was it good? (Of course, I am Tropic-Al ya know) but what was missing were the grill marks and the crisp crust that can only be achieved over real fire. Swordfish baked or broiled tends to develop a whitish coating instead of the grill marks and crust. It was good but not as good as grilled.

As for the weatherman I hope he gets grilled and skewered by a swordfish should he be lucky enough to hook one.

Full sail ahead.........................18 days 'til spring


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