27 January 2008

Weber Goes Too Small on Work Table

I was excited when Weber introduced a thermoplastic side table accessory for their 18 1/2 and 22 inch kettles. However upon opening the box I was hugely disappointed. The work table at a cost of $45 is only 12 inches wide. Photographed from the ground it appears to be huge. I was expecting a table surface the size of the work surface on the Performer. At 27 plus inches wide it would provide a real work area.

To get the ultimate work area for the Weber kettles one would need to buy two tables one for either side. I would have done that but not at $45 a piece for such a small surface.

Bad choice guys. All you had to do was make available the table surface of the Performer with a couple of legs. Now you have gone through all the trouble to produce a new piece of plastic when you could have used one already in inventory.


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