20 January 2008

Relief From Bad Economic News In The Corral Reef Journal!

The Corral Reef Journal is our Island Newspaper and is located on the left side of this page just below "The Captains Log and Diary".

With the whole economy seeming to being down the tubes we thought it prudent to update our Newspaper "The Corral Reef Journal"you can now check currency exchange rates vs. the dollar at all major island destinations.

Is hedging your Wall Street investments against further downfall in your port of call? Now access sugar cane and coffee bean commodities from the Corral Reef Journal as well!

If your personal economy is ship shape and you need a lift from bad winter weather try out some fine island cuisine and recipes from our food pages.

Tropic-Al's BBQ Review: "Your source for ship shape food and fun Co-Co Nut Colony Style"!

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