03 May 2007

Takin My Lumps

I was headin down the NYS thruway three weeks ago in the middle of the Noreaster. At about 5 miles below Kingston, NY at 65 MPH a large turkey decided to try it's owm kamikaze trick. The damn thing crashed into my windshield. Glass and feathers all over the place.

Every thing is fine now and my car is back in tune. Gave me some extra time to read up on smokin. Bought a weber kettle and added the smokinator to it. Great little device that turns an awesome grill into an outrageous grill.
http://smokeinator.com check out this neat device

1 comment:

Don said...

I think the Turkey accident must have been an omen! I can't wait for the report on how the Smokenator will help you smoke a turkey! I have seen as much as a 1/2' of smoke penetration in the white breast meat of a regular turkey.

Oh by the way, the link to Smokenator's site is:

All the Best.

Don at Smokenator

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