16 December 2007

Could've Stir Fried Today But.............

It is now freezing rain and all hope of grilled stuffed chicken breast with mozzarella basil and sage is gone. Then a wonderful idea struck me. Why not stir fry in our electric wok? Could not do the cheese of course but everything else would have worked.

I mean part of the fun of BBQin/grilling is getting to play with heat and flipping stuff around right? Well in a stir fry you get to keep flipping stuff and adding stuff with no flare ups. I mean I add beer and wine when I stir fry, then a little mustard, soy sauce you know keep adding stuff til it tastes right.

Well so much for the stir fry idea......my wife threw out the electric wok.
So I threw her out in the snow and freezing rain to go to Wally's World for a new one.

Until next time keep an even keel and full sail ahead for the lagoon!


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